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Does your website look right in Internet Explorer?

Does your website look right in Internet Explorer?

As website designers, we still have to make sure that our client’s sites render well across all browsers.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that Internet Explorer renders websites differently than all the other popular browsers. Because of this, a site that looks great on firefox or chrome, may look weird on Internet Explorer if you’re not careful.
To add to the problem, the Mac doesn’t have an Internet Explorer browser.

Sure, you can download a program such as parallels to run Windows on, and load Internet Explorer that way.

But not only does it nearly crash your computer to use Parallels, you also only get to see one version of Internet Explorer, but there are currently 4 versions of Internet Explorer in use.

Luckily there is FREE solution to all of this. There’s a great site called www.netrenderer.com and it allows you to view your site from any type of browser; IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, IE 10, IE 11 and even Opera.

So if you haven’t been on a PC in a while and are curious to see what your site looks like on one, give netrenderer.com a whirl.

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